About Lee Bonsper -
Choosing the path that would guide his professional career, Lee graduated from The School of Visual Arts, NYC.                                                                    Majoring in Design & Illustration. Lee had the opportunity of studying under innovative designers & illustrators including; Milton Glaser, Jack Potter and GilStone.                                                

For the past 34 years, he’s been involved in the planning, implementing and managing national & international Corporate and Environmental Graphic Branding Programs. A few notable projects include: 1996 Atlanta Olympics transportation and venue, The Torch Pass Relay, UPS Fleet Graphics and AutoNation Retail Stores. Early on in his career Lee traveled extensively both nationally and internationally when he was responsible for establishing a screen printing plant in Hong Kong to provide graphic markings for the booming shipping container building in the Far East.

Current works are created in both Oil & Acrylic mediums experimenting with different brush and pallet knife techniques. Works are guided by study of Master Impressionists with the purpose of understanding how they observed and interpreted colors and subjects. Primary studies are Seascapes, Landscapes and Portraits from travels in Europe, S.E. Asia and the United States which also allowed the opportunity of visiting some of the world’s great museums. Recent paintings are pushing the comfort limits of size with two current pieces; “Stormy Day” & “Watch Out” measuring 48”x 36” & 60”x 48” respectively.

For inquiry's on any pieces you see, or to discuss a project please contact me below. Thank you.
Contact: bonsperl@bellsouth.net
Web Site: leebonsper@crevado.com